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The Annuity Audit™

Why an Annuity Audit might be one of the most important financial actions you can take.


In the past few years annuities have evolved significantly. They now have major focus on income riders, home healthcare benefits, income enhancements, and so many ways to credit interest it will make your head spin! There’s even “hybrid annuities” which combine various features of other annuities. Sadly, there’s a lot of misinformation about how they really work.

For investors doing research on these new breed annuities (index annuities, fixed index annuities or equity index annuities, and hybrid annuities in particular) it is becoming increasingly difficult.

An annuity audit is just the opposite. It is 100% independent, breaks down the good and bad, and uses fully disclosed research. The purpose is to help people who own an annuity make a well informed decision about their future.

What you’ll find is that all annuities do some things really well. However, there are things some annuities are not entirely clear. It’s important you understand the differences, so you can determine if your present annuity is a good fit as part of your financial plan.

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